Kasedi Idalis Xavier
November , 23,2010
Franklin D Roosevelt and Barack Obama

Franklin D Roosevelt new deal had ended up to be called after himself because his legislative agenda was for rescuing the United Stated from the Great Depression . The New Deal was caused by the inherent instability of the market. Franklin D Roosevelt government was rationalized to our economy that had ended up being stabilized . The New Deal had been consisted to a large scale government. That had been for building and infrastructure projects. Franklin D Roosevelt's new deal was loosely boosted to the economy . It was loosely boosted because it was based upon an economic theory called Keynesiam. The new deal had ended up being composed to a countless number of programs. Franklin's programs were called alphabet soup. The new deal acts were the following , most of which being passed with 100 days of his administration .

Franklin D Roosevelt's Economic Crisis

Franklin D Roosevelt had presided over two of the most economic crises in American History . FDR had did that for the Second World War and the Great Depression. Franklin D Roosevelt was the first of all presidents in America who had injustly exploded the countries economic crisis. Franklin D Roosevelt had to take his oath of the office in the month of March in the year of 1933. Franklin D Roosevelt had been urged because the federal government was the only solutions to all of the economic crises.

Franklin D Roosevelt Plan
Franklin D Roosevelt's plan was to tax big enough so that people can pay their benefits. He had been told that the money he had got which was $47,000,000,000 can be used to pay off national debt. He had did all this when he was just 40 years of age .

Franklin D Roosevelt's Lesson To Obama

Franklin D Roosevelt had said that if Obama didn't take measure to turn the economy around he will end up down in history. Obama had a new that to a degree it was not to be found in other political cultures. Obama had to told Franklin D Roosevelt that the moment is full of possibilities and that their are such times that are the political symstems which starts to move very effectively.

Obama New Deal
Obama new deal is to repair all schools so that they can have energy – efficent . Obama wants to put the the every school that are being repaired to have all new computers in all of the classrooms . During this new deal Obama has been talking to the campaign because he want to bring the coast of the health reform down. The only way he can do this by investing in any electronic technology system.
Obama Plan
Obama plan is to add 3,000 miles of electrial lines. Obama wanrs to increase security to 90 ports. Obama's want to double the United States' renewable energy capacity in 3 years . Obama plan is to release a radio and internet address that is going to be directed from the white house to the voters that want answers. Obama last plan is to inject about a trillion dollars into the flaling U.S economy and to the fulfull campaign pledges.
Obama Economic Crisis Management
Obama says that the economy hasn't been working for most americans. Poeple are
taking out credit loans because they don't have the money they need to pay for things they need. Obama says that the next president will have to recongnize that the economy has changed . Obama has been telling people that they have a regulartory system that had been keeping paste with the finacle system it would have made a big difference .

My Opinion on Barak Obama about Economic crisis

My opinon is that Barack Obama didn't do the samethings as Franklin D Roosevelt did during the Great Depression . But Obama knew things he had to do about the economic crisis. Obama had said that our economoy hasn't been working for most americans because people are taking out credit loans . When Obama said that when we have our new president he is going to have to recongnize that economy has change . In my opinion I think that when we do have our next president he or she is going to have to see how the world in the people have changed.